About us

Noorland is an indoor play area located in Bahrain that provides a fun and safe environment for children aged 11 and under to play and explore. The play area is supervised by trained staff and is designed to challenge children to reach, think, interact, explore, and have fun.

One of the things that distinguishes Noorland from other play area shops is the wide range of play areas that are suitable for almost all age groups.

The play structure at Noorland in Alaali Mall includes several interactive games and challenges. The Soft Play area offers a trampoline, climbing wall, slides, a ball pit, shooting guns, and more. Children can engage in physical activity and develop their physical skills while having fun.

The second play area at Noorland is the Playhouses area which includes children sized houses where kids can play and fantasize about working any job, from Firefighters, Gym, Hospital, Makeup, Grocery Store and even a Gas Station.

The third play area at Noorland is the Ninja Area, this area targets bigger children and has challenges and obstacles that your child needs to overcome. This includes, the skating ramp, the Velcro wall, a lot of trampolines and the cube pit.

The fourth play area is located in Askar Views and is Dinosaur Park themed and it offers a trampoline, climbing wall, slides, a ball pit and more.

Noorland also has a party area for hosting birthday parties and special events, which is hosted by trained and qualified staff that take care of all the decoration and organization and makes sure you enjoy the party. Additionally, the facility offers craft activities and group games for children to participate in and enjoy fun events.

If you're in need of party supplies, Noorland has a dedicated section where you can purchase them. You can visit the facility in person or order supplies through their e-shop page. 

Overall, Noorland is a great place for children to have fun, stay active, and socialize in a safe and supervised environment.